"Learning is a process, and a School is the place where it is practiced and mastered"


The school offers admission in classes Mont. 1 / Nursery to class X. Admissions in classes VII to X are subject to availability. The Admissions are done purely on the basis of written test and interviews. Admissions are strictly on merit and are usually made only once in a year (between February & May) except under special circumstances which may necessitate admission at a later date.
A child seeking admission to the School must be registered by submitting the Application Form, duly filled in, along with the Registration Fee. The age criteria for registration of students, for admission is for Class Mont 1/Nursery will be as per the prevailing norms. All payments (Fees, CCA fees, transportation fee if required) have to be made to School only by DD or through Debit / Credit Cards / On-Line transfers.
Admissions are generally finalized by May. Admissions to classes (from Mont 2 / LKG to Class X) are against vacancies arising out of withdrawals. The list of eligible candidates for admission will be displayed on the notice board after meeting with the parents along with the child and scrutiny of original documents, by the prescribed dates. Application forms for Mont 1 / Nursery to Std. X are available at school office between 10.00 am and 3.00 pm on all working dates.

Important Documents required for admission

For Pre-Primary :

  1. Copy of birth certificate issued by the municipal corporation.
  2. 2 recent stamp size and 4 Passport size colour photograph of the students & parents’ photos
  3. Aadhar card / Ration card or any other valid proof of place of residence.

For class I to X :

  1. Original School Leaving Certificate duly countersigned by the Block Education Officer.
  2. Progress report of the last examination passed.
  3. Ration card or any other valid proof of place of residence.
  4. 2 recent stamp size and 4 Passport size colour photograph of the students & parents’ photos a
  5. Migration Certificate (wherever applicable, for other state Board students)

Admission Procedure And Fees Structure

A student offered admission will be required to submit the following documents, failing which the admission will not be finalized.

  1. Municipal Birth Certificate (original)
  2. Certificate from the last school attended (original)
  3. 4 photographs of the child with parents.
  4. School-leaving Certificate (duly signed by the District Education Officer/Inspector of Schools if the School is situated outside Karnataka ).
  5. TC / Progress Report/Mark sheet issued by the previous school, for Class II to X.

Mere registration and taking the examination does not guarantee admission. Admission will depend on the Child’s performance in interaction between School authorities & Parents. The School reserves the right to refuse admission to a candidate without assigning any reason whatsoever.

Sl NoClassFees/Year
41st Std49500/-
52nd Std49500/-
63rd Std49500/-
74th Std49500/-
85th Std47300/-
96th Std47300/-
107th Std47300/-
118th Std47300/-
129th Std60500/-
1310th Std60500/-


If a student is to be withdrawn after the Annual Examination in March, one month’s notice must be given, that is, by the end of March. If a student’s joins school in April and then seeks withdrawal, fees will become payable up to March (of the following year) to compensate the School, for the loss due to the seat remaining vacant for the whole academic year.

Transfer and other certificates will not be issued until all school dues are fully cleared.

“Wisdom.... comes not from age, but from education and learning.”

Guide to Students

  1. Every student has to attend all the classes regularly & punctually, on all days, as per the timetable.
  2. Students are expected to behave in a disciplined and dignified manner both in and out of School & maintain decorum, always. If the Management is convinced that any student has misbehaved with co-students or teachers or other staff, he/she will expelled from the School, immediately after the occurrence.
  3. Students should cultivate the habit of reading Notice displayed on the Notice Board and ignorance of any notice thus displayed will not be accepted, as an excuse for failing to comply with it.
  4. Every student is required to bring the school Diary, every day. The school diary is meant to be a record of the daily academic activities of the students. It is signed by the teachers and then by the parents every day. Special information is shared by the teachers with the parents through this diary.
  5. All students are to compulsorily maintain a clean and tidy uniform, on all the school days.
  6. Late arrival to and/or early departure from school is strictly prohibited. A student may not leave the classroom without permission.
  7. Students should take care of their money and other belongings. Objects which would prove a source of distraction should not be brought to school by anyone. Students are not allowed to bring any article that is costly, to the school. It is advisable not to wear any gold, silver or any costly ornaments to the school. The school is not responsible for the loss/damage of any such articles.
  8. Chewing, Spitting, throwing of waste or rubbish are prohibited inside the School premises. The use or even possession any form of intoxicant is strictly prohibited. Violation of this rule will lead to expulsion from the School.
  9. Talking loudly & Loitering, moving in groups around the corridor / staircase / other passages/ or anywhere within the campus are strictly prohibited. Strict silence in the school and orderliness in the campus is to be maintained during the school hours.
  10. Students are forbidden from organizing or attending any meeting in the school or collecting money for any purpose without the prior written permission of the Management.
  11. Students shall handle the furniture and books with great care and consideration. Any loss, damage or destruction of these things will be chargeable individually and/or collectively, as the case may be. Every student is expected to take care of the school property and cleanliness of the school campus. Students are strictly forbidden to write or scribble on the walls, desks and trees.
  12. Students should be regular and punctual to all classes and submit assignments, projects, records and homework in time.
  13. Stealing or cheating in any form will attract the strictest penalty.
  14. Personal hygiene and cleanliness are expected from every child. No child suffering from an infectious or contagious disease will be permitted to attend school, until she/he produces medical certificate stating that he/she is free from infection.
  15. Mobile Phone, I Pods, MP3 players or any other gadgets are strictly not allowed within the school campus. The devices will be confiscated if found with the students and suitable punishment be awarded. Repetition of the offence will lead to expulsion of the student, from the School.
  16. Forgery of any kind including forging of signatures of parents on leave / Progress Report Card and other applications and forging of signatures of School Authorities and teachers on any document will lead to immediate expulsion of the student from the School.
  17. Students must show respect to their teachers, staff and be courteous and gentle to one another. They must co-operate with the school Leaders, House Captains and Class prefects.
  18. Speaking in English is a must in the school campus.
  19. In case of absence without prior permission, the student must produce the leave letter signed by the parent or guardian, even for one day. If the leave exceeds 2 days, Medical Certificate is a must.
  20. Leave is not a matter of right. Students must put in at least 90% attendance to be eligible to take the promotion examination. Irregular attendance / long absence without reasonable cause will lead to the cessation of studentship. Attendance is compulsory on the last day and first day before and after a vacation. No one will be allowed to leave on vacation earlier than the day on which the school closes.
  21. Every student should strictly adhere to corrective measures proposed by the school to maintain academic excellence and personal development.
  22. Every student should wear their ID Cards, when they are on the campus and also when they represent the school in any forum. Not wearing the identity card will be considered as an act of indiscipline.
  23. Use of unfair means in any form, during tests or examinations, will lead to immediate expulsion of the student
  24. Strict silence should be observed in the library. Books can be borrowed on the days specified for each class. Library cards will have to be produced at the time of taking the books. Failure to return the book on the due date incurs a fine, as fixed from time to time.

“Education is the key to unlock the Golden Door of Freedom.”

Suggestions to Parents

  1. Parents must see and sign their ward’s Diary every day as it is a vital communication link between them and the School.
  2. Parents must see their ward completes the homework, written or learning as given in the Diary well in time and revises his/her lessons every day.
  3. They should acknowledge any remarks given by the teacher and take the necessary follow-up action.
  4. They should check that their ward takes the Diary to School every day duly signed by them. A student is liable to be punished for failure to do so.
  5. All fees including tuition fees, co-curricular fees, transportation fees are to be remitted within the date stipulated, by DD/cash as the case may be only in the School office and receipts to be obtained, failing which the Management reserves the right to initiate any action(s), without any notice.
  6. Parents are requested to ask for leave for their child only in most unavoidable circumstances. Children already have two long vacations, besides a large number of holidays in the year. Parents must plan their social and other engagements keeping in view the academics interest of their ward(s). Absence without leave for 6 days or more will automatically lead to a student’s name being struck off the rolls of the School. Re-admission, if granted, will be treated as a case of new admission. Leave applications can be made only by the parents, never by a student himself/herself. The application must carry the name and class of the student and the full signature date and name of the parent, with cell nos. of the parents.
  7. Absence from Examinations/Tests will result in failure, except in case of serious illness, for which a Medical Certificate must be submitted from a Govt. Medical Officer. The School does not grant leave to students to prepare for entrance tests for any institution.

Parents - Teachers' Meetings

  1. It is compulsory for all the parents to attend Parent-Teachers’ Meeting. These meetings are very important for holistic development of the child. So kindly cooperate with the school. In case of any change of date, parents will be informed in advance, by Bulk SMS.
  2. The School supports and encourages an on-going partnership between the School, parents and management. It regularly seeks parental co-operation and assistance through the periodical Parent-Teacher Meetings, which promotes a closer relationship between the School & the Home.
  3. Parents are welcome to meet the Teachers on stipulated date & time in connection with their ward’s progress, but they should do so only through the Principal. The Principal’s meeting hours for parents are given in the School Diary.

Emargency Management

  1. The School is a densely populated place and has small children also that are one of the most vulnerable groups in the society. To reduce this vulnerability particularly for schools, it is important to have a school Disaster Management Plan. The aim of emergency planning is to ensure that the safety of the students and the staff is maintained during an emergency and to identify the hazards in the school and plan to manage and mitigate the hazards.
  2. School Disaster Management Plan (SDMP) of MTBJJV describes key roles and responsibilities of staff members such as who will be responsible for coordination, control and communication when responding to an emergency. Mock drills are conducted to train students and teachers in order to respond to any emergency and also to evaluate and revise the Plan, at periodical intervals.