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  1. We are very satisfied. Our child always gets ample opportunities to explore and progress in all aspects. MTB JJV has been successful in striking an appropriate balance between Academic and Co-Curricular activities. My daughter’s communication and social skills have enhanced a lot due to a range of classroom activities.
2. The overall development in my kid since the time he enrolled in Nursery class, 9 years back is nothing short of transformational. The kind of exposure to academic and extra-curricular activities he is getting here is beyond our expectations. It gives immense pleasure to mention that my son is always motivated to go to school, right from his childhood. In fact, even during pandemic situations, every day he eagerly attended on-line sessions which were conducted by MTB JJV in a professional way.
What to say about the faculty, facility, and safety aspects of MTB JJV?? Generally, schools have their best teachers but when your teacher is also your best friend, then it really sounds different. That is the feel of every child studying in MTB JJV.
As a parent, I would like to give credit to amazing teachers, Admin staff members, School Management, modern digital technology, and quality infrastructure, for the all-round development of my child. Thank you MTB JJV!

3. An exceptionally excellent school. My both kids are very happy and progressing very well. Thank you teachers and Admin Team mates, for your support during the critical covid time. I believe that the school has supported well even during lockdown periods also with blended learning. Credit goes to MTB JJV, for its endless efforts and commitments.  Thank you MTBJJV.

4. Nursery has made my child independent & more confident with his colours, numbers, words and shapes. I’m really happy with all the staff at the school.
I would really recommend MTB JJV. 100% transparency. Moderate Fees. No donations, No Cash Transactions. They are simply brilliant!
My child always talks about the school and his friends. Great school, my child loves it. He has shown a lot of leadership skills amongst his cousins and friends of his age. He is happy at school and we too are so pleased to note that my child has been progressing well. Thank you MTB JJV.

5. We have just started at this school, our daughter & son (twins) are very happy here at MTB JJV. Their transition was smooth and made easier under the guidance of dedicated teachers. Every day they are looking forward to coming to school. They very much enjoy their time in school with abundant play materials. They learn new things each & every day and participate in a variety of activities & events. They enjoy the company of both their teachers and classmates. In fact, they miss their friends during weekends. Indeed, they are having a great time and lots of fun too!

Thank you MTB JJV.

6. Fantastic school! The faculty comprises University Toppers & Gold Medallists. The teachers are truly professional, caring and well organized.
My son had completed his 10th grade in April 22. I must say I have taken a right decision to choose this school …. What a campus (more than 3 acres) ! What an environment ! 100 plus CCTVs are kept under surveillance for safety ..
The teachers were very dedicated & untiring. Their support is really appreciative. Generally, schools pay attention only to “High Achievers” so that their schools get better recognition in the market. But MTB JJV takes care of all the students equally. They care for slow-learners & laggers too.
During revision & final Board Exams, teachers have supported students even after school timings. They shared a lot of additional hand- prepared study materials before the exams, which gave extra boost & confidence to my son. In fact, based on individual needs of the students, guidance was given. I must say, with all these measures, my son was able to score 92% which I haven’t even expected. Our gratitude to MTB JJV for all the help & support, for my son to become a better version of himself.

7. The staff at MTB JJV are really helpful and I feel that my child is receiving everything he needs at this school and his teachers have been great at keeping us updated with his school life.


Honestly, I couldn’t think of a better school for my child to be in. My child enjoys coming to school learning new topics, every day.


As a parent I have found that the Principal, Administrator & Chief Accounts Officer are very friendly and easily approachable. By and large it is pleasant to send my child everyday. Obviously, my experience about MTB JJV is pretty good.


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