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“Education is simply the soul of a society, as it passes from one generation to another”


We Ensure Better Education For A Better World

Educating children is a community responsibility. An educational institution has a great responsibility to prepare a child for global future and tap the real-world issues from local to global. It has to focus on the child’s all-round development like – physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual. This challenging task needs creativity to bring about this change – from darkness to light.

MTB JNANAJYOTHI VIDYANIKETHAN (MTB JJV) is powered & promoted by prestigious MTB group – the Group which is having its strong & dominant presence in various fields in and around Bangalore that include MTB Commercial Complexes, MTB Convention Halls, MTB Industrial Warehouses, MTB Residential Apartments, MTB Wedding Halls, MTB BAGMANE World Trade Centre Complex, Mahadevapura, Bangalore & lot more, besides its active involvement in organizing & executing very many Social & Welfare related programs, to the poor & needy, almost on daily basis. The Group’s long-term relationship with top global blue-chip clients is itself a clear indicator of its High Quality & Finest Standards of Ethical Trade Practices.

MTB JJV, a progressive, secular, child-centered, co-educational, English Medium, Private, Comprehensive, Unaided Day School, opened its portals in June 2010 with 408 students., The school, barely in 5 years is recognized as one of the leading educational institutions in South Bangalore with about 1000 students, on its rolls, in a massive campus of its own.

MTB JJV is a name to reckon with, a landmark in every sense of the word, an epitome of quality education & highest discipline, with successful completion of 5 stimulating years, academically, culturally and socially


Keep your values positive, because

your values become your destiny.


MTB JNANA JYOTHI VIDYA NIKETHAN aims at rendering holistic learning delivered by highly qualified, professional and dedicated teaching staff in an outstanding infrastructure and also in creating a community of powered and diverse learners, striving to be globally minded, responsible, patriotic and God-fearing citizens, in an atmosphere of mutual respect, understanding and trust. We aspire to create a learning environment, t, inculcate values and promote all round excellence to build global citizens.


MTB JNANA JYOTHI VIDYA NIKETHAN endeavours to design the educational processes on the basis that the future of this world rests upon the overall competence, sensibility and goodness of its youth. In having to raise children of quality and purpose, to make them the kind of citizens the world needs today, we have to educate them not only with instructions but also by drawing out their hidden potential, with all the attention & care, they rightly deserve. The school also endeavours to promote integral formation of the students to bring about a genuine transformation in them and in the society through dedication, commitment and loving service.


As a school, we strive to temper our daily thoughts and actions with core values of faith in God, honesty, humanity, compassion, inclusion, friendship, tolerance, altruism, civic sense and service. The School believes in inculcating a strong value system in every child passing through its portal. Values cannot be taught through textbooks. Hence every activity of the School leaves behind lessons on ethics and values which will remain with a child throughout his / her life. 

Our values are at the heart of our teaching practices & define the standards of ethical conduct we foster in our children. Each child in MTBJJV internalizes these values. Our school is primarily a Bangalore based institution with international perspectives, holding secular and democratic values. The school runs without any discriminations of race, creed, caste or social status expecting to inspire students to develop in an atmosphere of our country’s rich traditions, culture and social environments. Our school expects to imbibe the best features of CBSE Schools such as discipline, spirit-de-corps, character building, spirit of chivalry, fair play, straight-forwardness and physical-development. The school provides its students high ethical standards in keeping with the school motto.

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“Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people, who prepare for it, today”


Our Goal is to combine Excellency in teaching with enjoyment of learning. Every student receives individual & personal attention and the maximum comforts possible. It is our endeavor to make education a purposeful, meaningful and enjoyable experience. Love, courage, patience, self-control, justice, humility, sympathy are some of the virtues that are instilled in every child who enters the portals of MTBJJV. The students are escorted through the journey of schooling, where, at every step, these values are reinforced to make them thinking, feeling and responsible human beings, who ultimately take on the mantle of becoming global citizens of the future world.


The school is supported by a team of experienced faculty, skilled technical staff and excellent non-teaching staff. The education academic expertise, provided by our organization is widely admired and we, with due modesty, assert that we have achieved of depth of accomplishment in education that is distinctive, un-rivalled and beyond more. The knowledge acquired by the children at the alma mater would shine brighter in their lives and brighten the lives of others around them as well.


The school offers a friendly, stress-free and value based learning experiences. Keeping our motto in mind, we promulgate spiritual,
Moral, Academic and Aesthetic values through formal and informal courses with emphasis on Courtesy, Honesty, Integrity and Loyalty. Every child will be given encouragement and opportunity to maximize his or her potential in all areas – academic, spiritual, physical, cultural, social and personal. The School strives at grooming young boys & girls of competence, commitment, compassion and of conscience to propagate that we are “FOR MORALS & LAURELS”.


Helping to dispel the darkness of ignorance by emanating the light of knowledge and enabling it to radiate far & wide, would be the essence in the life of every child. As a member of the school family, we want the parents to know that you have the right to expect the following :

  • Your ward will always be a welcome member of the school family
  • Your ward will be treated in a secure, friendly & fair manner.
  • Your ward’s individual development will be our priority, ALWAYS.
  • We will be totally committed to give the highest quality of academic instruction
  • We will provide opportunities for your ward to develop self-discipline & self-confidence

“The ink of the scholar is more holy than the blood of the martyr”


Computer Lab - Desk & Laptops

Maths Lab

Science Lab


Library exclusive for Pre-primary



Key Board



Activity Room

Digital Board

100+ CCTV cameras

In-house sport club

Spacious Play Ground

GPRS in School Buses

Conference Hal

Auditorium (fully equipped)

“Anyone Who Stops Learning Is Old, Whether At Twenty Or Eighty. Anyone Who Keeps Learning Stays Young."

Our Aim

Education is deliverance. Our primary aims are :

  • To give the best to every student embarking upon the invaluable journey of acquiring knowledge
  • To develop mental, intellectual & aesthetic facilities of the child through a host of curricular & co-curricular activities, foster team spirit and environmental consciousness.
  • To develop the best that is latent in children and to prepare them for the challenges of the changing world through the encouragement of self discipline, high intellectual achievements and physical fitness.
  • To develop on the students, the qualities of integrity, honesty, trust , tolerance, compassion, curiosity, courage and inquisitiveness, to foster a scientific temperament within the bounds of humanity
  • To provide quality education & to produce citizens with all round personality, fully equipped to march out in to the world, ready to scale new heights and explore new vistas in life
  • To build a tradition which incorporates in its milieu all that are universally good in thought, word and deed
  • To educate in a way that permits them to grow up without inhibition and prejudice in any form.
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school bulding
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“Anyone Who Stops Learning Is Old, Whether At Twenty Or Eighty. Anyone Who Keeps Learning Stays Young.”

Our Focus

The school focuses to :

  • Foster critical thinking in the students
  • Promote human values, counsel, develop leadership
  • Educate students to bring about a social change.
  • Imbue the students with a strong sense of purpose in keeping with the school motto
  • Create an awareness of – the oneness & the interdependence
  • To educate the underprivileged and bring them in mainstreamingnd prejudice in any form

To accomplish this, special efforts are made :

  • To help pupils become mature, unselfish, spiritually oriented men of character
  • To encourage them continually to strive after excellence in every field
  • To value and judiciously use their freedom
  • To be clear and firm on principles and courageous in action
“There Is No School Equal To A Decent Home And No Teacher Equal To A Virtuous Parent”

Our Objectives

Indeed, the School’s main objective is “All round character formation” and the development of proper attitudes. Consciously & unconsciously pupils absorb a great deal, apart from subjects they study and in the Real Life’s Exam, it is these extra assimilations which speak a school’s worth.

  1. VALUE EDUCATION : to create a climate that encourages freedom of thought while inculcating the savor of Self-discipline, punctuality, fair play and industry. To be precise, a deep sense of patriotism, loyalty to the motherland, values of all cultures and the need for practical ethics in public life are inculcated in them
  2. HOME AWAY FROM HOME : to actualize a ‘home away from home’ atmosphere where a right proportion of care & control is administered catering to the emotional and intellectual needs of a child.
  3. ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE: to ignite in the young minds the spark of scientific thought processes, lateral thinking and analysis. Provide an environment for every student to discover & realize his / her full potential, to extract the best talent present in students, teachers & facilitators and to focus on attaining the highest academic standards.
  4. CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: to ensure that ALL students gain experience, and appreciate all the creative & performing arts thereby promoting the acquisition of team spirit and development of individual skills needed for a holistic growth & to kinder the spirit of sportsmanship and healthy competition by exposing them to inter and intra school sports activities.
  5. TEACHING STRATEGY: to practice tailored teaching strategies incorporating latest technology to facilitate the diverse learning styles and intelligence quotients of the student.
  6. COMMUNITY SERVICE: to disseminate awareness of environmental concerns and humanitarian issues and kindle a sense of responsibility towards the amelioration of the needy & to create an atmosphere to inculcate a sense of respect for all cultures and traditions.
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We Work Hard To Prepare Every Student For Their Professional Life



"Education breeds confidence. Confidence Breeds hope. Hope breeds peace."

An exceptionally excellent school. My both kids are very happy and progressing very well. Thank you teachers and Admin Team mates, for your support during the critical covid time. I believe that the school has supported well even during lockdown periods also with blended learning. Credit goes to MTB JJV, for its endless efforts and commitments.  

Thank you MTBJJV.


My child always talks about the school and his friends. Great school, my child loves it. He has shown a lot of leadership skills amongst his cousins and friends of his age. He is happy at school and we too are so pleased to note that my child has been progressing well. I would recommend MTB JJV. 100% transparency. Moderate Fees. No donations.

Thank you MTBJJV.


Nursery has made my child independent & more confident with his colours, numbers, words and shapes. I’m really happy with all the staff at the school.

I would really recommend MTB JJV. 100% transparency. Moderate Fees. No donations, No Cash Transactions. They are simply brilliant!.

Thank you MTBJJV.



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